Randall Stevens The Finest Cut (Acoustic Album)


1. The Wood Between the Worlds

2. The Loving Kind

3. What a Difference a Day Makes

4. Suicide in Heaven

5. The Finest Cut

6. Agnes Don't You Cry

7. But Little Did You Know

8. Under Cover of the Night

9. Don't let It Get You Down

10. Everybody's Got a Story to Tell

11. Show Me the Way

12. That Was a Different Time

13. Written in Stone


All songs written by Tom McQ


This is a rough and ready rock n roll acoustic archived album, recorded as first drafts and early workings of songs. Not perfect by any means, but as in keeping with the title track's lyric, "You're not quite THE FINEST CUTbut you got what I need," the songs win home. The pops on the mic and the background noise add to its authentic charm. It's raw and real and definitely straight from the heart. Enjoy! 


Let me know if you'd like it signed or dedicated. Peace n love! X

Randall Stevens The Finest Cut